Your reliable partner in the lubricant market.
We dont just talk about visions, we make them count.
Founded in 1999, we strive to be a reliable partner in the lubricant industry.
We connect manufacturers with customers and focus on protecting the interests of all parties. Our partners count on our competence, loyalty and reliability. Since our foundation, we have been successfully connecting well-known European manufacturers with customers in Eastern Europe, Mediterranean region and Middle East.

We take over and solve all tasks that arise between the manufacturer and the customer.
This includes logistics, customs, certification, product management, support with R&D and marketing in the target country and many more.

Our partners, our many years of presence on the market and constant growth speak for us.

At the same time we are adapting our corporate activities to the rapidly changing world.
So we're investing in new areas like the Internet of Things (IoT), hydrogen, low CO2 commodities trading and other business areas in the new decarbonized world.

Our advantages

Extensive client base

Coordinated business processes and continuous, trouble-free flow of goods
Technical and marketing support for sales
Active in Eastern Europe, Mediterranean region, Middle East and CIS